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NBC Reatly is a real estate brokerage firm based out of Boise Idaho. NBC stands for National Broker Connect and they focus on mid to high end real estate. They wanted an enterprise level look and feel. The overall structure of the logo was design by the owner of the company and I spruced it up with color shading and arrangement. We design the logo, business cards, and a for sale sign.

The Hitch Defender is a product that protects you from banging your shin on a truck hitch. It is a plastic molding that wraps around the hitch and softens the blow when you bump into the truck hitch. They wanted the logo to be basic, easy to read, and to have a western feel to it.

Boise Optimal Nutrition is a nutrition company based out of Boise, Idaho. Medina Blanchet is the owner of the company and her main focuses are weight management, insulin resistance (including PCOS), type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia, digestive disorders (including food intolerances), adrenal fatigue and optimal health.

CoAloe is a company that makes all natural skin care products. They wanted a website that matched the brand and felt organic and natural. The earth tone colors help contribute to the overall natural feel. This website is simple yet modern.

Identity Light is an identity left protection company. This logo concept came pretty quick with such a specific name but it was a ton of fun to complete.